Dental Implants


Many patients question how safe dental implants are. Here we explain the process and how it is one of the safest medical procedures around.

Dental implants are a safe and extremely effective method for replacing lost adult teeth. They have been available as a tooth replacement procedure for the past thirty years. Dental implants are typically manufactured from titanium, a strong bio-compatible metal that is safely accepted by the body and provides a solid foundation for teeth replacement.

The inserted implant fuses with the natural bone of the jaw, locking the implant into place. This fusion, known as osseointegration, allows teeth to be replaced using implants to remain stable and supported in daily use and lets them function in exactly the same manner as regular teeth. Though some procedures can be completed in a single sitting, the general time span for a complete dental implant is somewhere between three to four months, with time needed for the implants to settle and stabilize before the replacement teeth are fitted.Not only are dental implants one of the most secure methods of tooth replacement; they are also one of the safest. When performed by an experienced and fully trained dental professional, the procedure is safe and predictable and poses minimal potential damage to the patient.

In fact, dental implants only begin to pose a problem not through the nature of the procedure but if they are neglected and poorly cared for by their recipient. Implants that are not regularly maintained will develop a coating similar to that of unkempt natural teeth. As long as the implants are treated in a hygienic manner, they will leave the patient with no unwanted side effects. Interestingly, dental implants are also the only method of restoration that helps to stimulate the growth of the natural bone underneath the missing tooth.